Iraq is Clear to Enter the United States of America

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   8 March 2017

Terrorism and the internet now go hand in hand.  The new usage of social media platforms have caused small terrorist organizations to grow into global cancers.  This will never go away now.

I described and talked about ISIS previously and asked what will happen when ISIS is defeated militarily but not outright?  We can only make assumptions for now, but we all know that people with a vision (very twisted vision) will do whatever it takes to achieve that vision.

The new President sitting in Washington, Donald Trump, put out a corrected version of his failed immigration halt bill.  Notably though, Iraq was left off of that list.  This is extremely alarming because don’t forget, ISIS still controls large swathes of Iraqi and Syrian land.  The other six nations from the list of seven are back on the list.  Those countries include: Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.

Has anyone noticed a trend with

These other countries that made the list have been banned from sending any of their people to the United States until the U.S. can figure a better and more efficient way to clear these people of terrorist links.

Just today Jeff Sessions the new Attorney General for the U.S. said the according to the FBI about 300 already migrants inside the U.S. are being investigated for terror activities.  They are already in the U.S. and now they are being investigated?  What happened to the vetting procedures for those 300?

Of course some say that it is simply a “Muslim ban”, but this is hard to argue when our borders are still wide open to many other Muslim nations.  Also every single one of the six nations included on the travel ban have other religious minorities as well.

There is more on this story reported by Fox News seen in the video below.

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