U.S. Marines in Syria. Target… Raqqa

By Marine Corps photo by Sgt. Mark Fayloga [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   8 March 2017

Marines of the United States armed Forces have arrived in northern Syria near Raqqa, the ISIS self declared capitol city a defense official reported to Foxnews.  Although the Pentagon has not confirmed this at this time due to operational security issues.  More than likely the Pentagon is keeping quiet to keep the operation on time and without the world knowing when they will strike, or if this is simply a bluff with a different operation going on elsewhere.  Military tactics can use any idea anyone can think of to trick the enemy.

The Trump administration has stated many times they do not like to talk about their military plans to avoid the enemy knowing too much.  This is perfect for operational security and for the safety of the troops on the ground.


By MrPenguin20 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or ODbL (, via Wikimedia Commons

Raqqa isn’t as big a Mosul but don’t let that trick you into thinking ISIS will be easily dislodged from there.  The United States for over a year now has been supplying the majority Kurds, Syrian Democratic Forces Army (SDF) and has sent U.S. special forces commandos to assist with their push towards Raqqa.

From what defense officials say, currently there are about 500 special forces training and advising the SDF for the Raqqa campaign.  There is no official number on the amount of marines that will be headed to Syria and what their role is going to be, but Conflict Daily will keep you updated.

It is doubtful the U.S. actual forces will have a direct street to street fighting role though. Usually when the Americans send in small highly specialized and trained units to complete a specific mission, (topple Raqqa/ISIS) those troops are either manning an artillery base, calling in airstrikes form coalition aircraft, and or training the new SDF force to become self sustaining.  So far the SDF has carved a pretty good swath of territory inside Syria for themselves.  Of course in combat you never use your first plan because as soon as the first shot is fired, you are now on another plan all together.  We will all see where these marines will come into play.

Check out this live updated map on the Syrian conflict.



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