Video: Russian Special Forces Bringing the Pain to Terrorists

Photo Credit: Pixabay

In this short but semi graphic video (18 year old) you see Russian Spetsnaz using multiple different weapons.  They are getting some real combat experience using their version of the TOW wire guided anti tank/armor system, the 9M133 Kornet.

The Spetsnaz team set up an observation point most likely around the outskirts of Aleppo to watch the flow of men and weapons after the large defeat of the FSA and other U.S., Turkey and Saudi supported moderate rebels in Aleppo.  You see as one man is hit center body mass because he stayed in the same place for too long and was complacent.

There really is no place in Syria where you can hide very effectively.  Although, with that being said, nobody noticed the Russian sniper hiding in his blind.  There is zero room for complacency in war.

Watch Video of Russian Spetsnaz Sniper and anti tank missile hits all targets.

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