Video: Russian Sub Launching Cruise Missiles into Syria

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   8 March 2017

Russia is again wasting its money firing cruise missiles when they don’t have to.  This is most likely training for the Russian submarine fleets.

There is nothing like training in the military.  With that said there is nothing like showing off and honing your skills from that training while in combat.  Russia experienced a little bit of this inexperience when their only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, lost multiple jets off of the deck.

Releasing very complex munitions very accurately and with civilian consideration has a huge impact in the view of the world on your country.  There were a number of firsts for Russia in Syria.  Russia has shown that it is not the just the United States who can fire sophisticated weaponry, but they have mastered some of that tech themselves.

Surely Russia joined in the Syrian war when Assad’s government was looking like it was going to fall to assist and save their historic ally Syria.  Also, Russia joined the fight to give them an excuse to show the whole world their capabilities while giving Russian pilots and service members vital combat experience they desperately lacked.

Watch Video of Russia Submarine hitting ISIS


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