Who is North Korea Shooting at Today?

By USN (U.S. DefenseImagery photo VIRIN: DF-SC-87-12795) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

North Korea (DPRK) has once again fired missiles, provocatively towards Japan.  Japan is one of the United State’s greatest allies.  You can see the issues already arising out of the first two statements.

Every year around this time in South Korea, the United States military and the South Korean military begin their annual military war games and drills.  Just like reading a calendar, North Korea uses the excuse that the American led war games are a build up to invade the north and destroy North Korea.  In line with that theory, Kim Jong-un (North Korea’s Dictator), gears his outdated and poorly funded military to conduct drills and test launches of their own.  Which against the United Nations Security Counsel Resolutions for North Korea.

The international community including the great global superpowers (USA, China and Russia) are aware that the north has nuclear weapons.  But, those nukes cannot, yet, be mounted on top of a missile and fired great lengths.  The technology for the north just isn’t there yet.  The United States and many of her allies have sanctioned nearly every aspect of the north’s economy to try and gain some leverage.

This sanction regime is just what it sounds like.  Rules are created to block trade or embargo countries and ports, chocking military funds, hopefully preventing some major clash.  Sanctions are often and quickly circumvented because of the sanction experience the DPRK has gained in forging and changing documents to get around the sanctions.

The DPRK must know that in a war with even just Japan or South Korea, they would lose.  Therefore the north was able to gain a silver bullet.  They have produced nuclear weapons.  After completing the building of many nukes in the north, the threat of another U.S. ground invasion in the future became very non threatening.  Fact: South Korea and the DPRK are still technically at war from the first Korean war.

With all of this hostility from the closed off nation, the United States and her military have increased patrols with various aircraft carrier and destroyer strike groups.  Also the U.S. has brought in it’s THAAD anti missile defense system, which China does not like at all.

The Chinese are now realizing that the U.S. was serious about bringing their missile defense system (THAAD) to South Korea.  Social media and various news outlets have said they have noticed some of the anti missile system has already arrived.  The THAAD has great range, so far that it reaches into Chinese territory.  Causing what China refers to as losing some of their tactical advantage.

It seems like the leverage game is occurring in the Korea’s as well.  Now its time to see what China is talking about with their next move in the region.  More South China Seas showdowns?  Adding military gear to their new islands? The U.S. carrier Strike Group 1 is there right now patrolling.




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