Yet another Twist in the Syrian War

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Syria has an immense amount of different armies fighting for their interests inside Syria today.  Naming some of the larger players follows a very long list, U.S. Military, Iran and their proxy Hezbollah, Syrian forces backed by Russia, Turkey and ISIS.  Turkey has advanced and secured their border with walls and their own incursion operation titled “Euphrates Shield” to safeguard and prevent terrorists spreading through Turkish borders.  We cant forget too, even Iraq to Syria’s east has conducted air strikes against ISIS inside Syria.

These terrorist armies, and yes they are full fledged armies, and the other state actors involved in Syria making this region so war torn, that the entire world is without an answer.

Here is an updated map for a look into the situation.

A story coming from the Independent today reports about the military leaders of Russia, Turkey and the U.S. military advisers in Syria have met up to discus calming the situation down.  With literally hundreds of different armies vying for their part in Syria, the battlefield is littered with different flags flying.

The President of Syria, Bashar Al Assad, who says was voted to power legally, has secured all of the major cities that connect the western parts of the country together and border the Mediterranean sea.  The battle for Aleppo is over and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) which is also backed by a number of actors like Iran and their proxy terrorist army Hezbollah, is securing their foothold east of Aleppo.  That move from the SAA just cements their footing in the major urban areas of Syria.

With Turkey vowing to eliminate anyone it sees as terrorists from its border, including the American supported Kurds, and Russia right there supporting the Syrians, and all of this near Al Bab.  Northern Syria is no where near calm.  That is the least of the confusion because ISIS was just expelled from Al Bab by the Free Syria Army (FSA) backed by Turkey and is to everyone’s south.

The different military commanders will be discussing options between their armies to prevent their forces from attacking and firing at one another.  That would simply make sense.  Turkey has already, last year, shot down a Russian bomber that was on a combat mission but strayed into Turkey.  Bad move for the Russians.  That almost spiraled into something far larger than what we have now in Syria.

Turkey and the United States are NATO members and are very powerful alone, let alone together.  But, what this meeting can show is countries that have conflicting interests are actually sitting at the same willing to talk.  In war, that is an accomplishment of its own.




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