Tempo of Strikes in Yemen Increasing

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   9 March 2017

Its official, the new U.S. president is in office and the old ways are out the door.  Or are they?  The Obama administration has supported the fight against terrorism mainly being waged by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.  This support comes with tremendously expensive mid air refuels, good sales on weapons and of course markdowns on the latest tanks, planes and bombs.

Check out this live updated map of the Yemen conflict

President Obama was also concerned with Yemen and instructed his advisers across all channels to create a plan to create more military action and pressure against AQAP and other forces battling the internationally recognized Yemeni government.  This week alone, with about 40 known strikes, is more airstrikes than any year during the Obama administration.  That sounds like a new plan has been implemented in Yemen.

What that might be is still up in question.  The Trump administration announces military operations very differently than the previous administrations have.  President Trump has said many times that he will not broadcast our military plans because the media pushes that information everywhere and the enemies now know the plan.

Reports from the White House are giving the assumptions that no longer do senior officials at the White House need to sign off on a operation in Yemen.  This means basically, the power of the call and decision making is always on the Commander and Chief but has been delegated to the pentagon to speed operations approvals up.

Yemen is far from isolated in the plans for new U.S. military operations.  Defense officials are saying there are plans to send Marines into Syria, increase troop levels in Afghanistan and now with the recent Navy SEAL raid in Yemen and increased air strikes, it looks like something is planned for Yemen as well.

President Trump has vowed to stop the expansion of Iran’s influence in the Middle East.  This abrupt stop Iran could face, could all begin in Yemen, and very soon.

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