Video: The 9M133 Kornet Russian Anti Tank Missile System

By Mike1979 Russia (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   9 March 2017

The battlefields of today are a technologically scary place to be.  There are many different variants of anti tank missiles across the globe, but not as many have been used as the Kornet, and that are as powerful as the Russian made anti tanks guided missile.

Weighing in at around 63 pounds fully equipped with launch tube fitted, this system can be carried by only two infantrymen.  It is mounted on just about any type of Russian and any other vehicle that had retrofitted to the design required to be able to accommodate this missile system.  The lethality of this anti tank guided missile (ATGM) is only magnified due to its weight, price, range, the different variants and ease of use.

It is fired and locked on by simply setting it up, finding a target and keeping the target aligned in the scope on that target.  Yes, it can hit moving targets that are traveling at highways speeds with no issue at all.  Different variants are guided by a wire attached to the missile, which virtually guarantees electronic warfare cannot defeat the hard wired missile, or lasers and heat detecting sensors.

This ATGM has been spotted in every province of Syria and from there has been spreading throughout the middle east to terrorist armies and their allies.  Governments have learned a few lessons through history, one of those being, don’t supply an army with something that can be turned against yourself with great effect.

  • History Lesson:  The U.S. military supplied the Taliban with anti air craft missiles called Stinger Missiles.  This backfired on the Americans because a few of those missiles went missing and were discovered to be used in terrorist attacks that shot down commercial airliners with civilians. (This is just one of many examples)

With that knowledge behind us, why would any government be giving these ATGM systems to their proxy armies?  More than likely, the variants being used on battlefields currently are older.  There is many documented footage of the Kornet with its signature black smoke trail whistling through the air obliterating a light armored vehicle.

Talking about new technology and making the point of the black smoke trail, drones are now being used very easily on the battlefield.  Drones can see this smoke trail extremely easily, then report where that smoke trail began, and its goodbye ATGM team.

Governments must have the same knowledge and reasoning of course.  The Israeli and Gaza war that occurred in 2014, Israeli military commanders said that 15 Kornet missiles were fired at their tanks while crossing into Gaza for the invasion, but their vehicle active protection defense system was able to defeat all 15 missiles.

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