Video: U.S. Rangers with Strykers in Syria

By TSGT MIKE BUYTAS, USAF ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   9 March 2017

This week was an unusual one with many plans unfolding to the world.  Earlier this week there must have been a deal completed between the SDF (US backed) and SAA (Syrian Army) because the SDF gave the entire city of Mabij to the SAA.

The theory circulating on this states, the SDF (majority Kurds) gave that territory to the Syrian Army to prevent Turkey from assaulting from Al Bab to the west.  Now, if Turkey were to assault Manbij, the SAA is there which is backed by Russia.

Where do these new U.S. flags you see flying and vehicles come into play?  History shows that this force and structure of the American Stryker force in Syria is more than likely in a moderating role.  The U.S. has built, trained, funded and supplied the SDF and Turkey believes that the majority are of Kurdish decent.  Turkey has battled the Kurdish terrorist organizations for close to 40 years now and does not want the U.S. to assist them in any way.  Washington obviously has other plans.

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