Iran is now Based near Israeli Golan Heights

By Israel Defense Forces (The Golan Heights) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   10 March 2017

With Israeli Prime Minister traveling back and forth from Moscow and Tel Aviv, he has been warning Russian President Vladimir Putin about there security interests being stretched to their breaking point.  Iran has stated they will “wipe Israel off the map in less than 25 years”.  Now they have some of their proxy forces setting up near the Israeli annexed Golan Heights border with Syria.

Hezbollah is the main beneficiary of anything Iran.  Iran has supplied, supported, funded and assisted with recruiting and expanding the reach of the U.S. and Israeli designated terrorist organization.  Israel is believed to be the ones that are striking convoys between Iran and Hezbollah.  Netanyahu always reiterates the “red lines” the Israeli’s have in Syria with regard to Iran and Hezbollah.  Those red lines are not to let Hezbollah expand and open a new frontier against Israel in the Golan Heights.


By Hmbr at Hebrew Wikipedia (Transferred from he.wikipedia to Commons.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

It seems as though, even with the Israel having the best intelligence systems and military in the Middle East, the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) have been unable to prevent the Iranians from setting up on their border.  The Syrian government, led by Bashar al Assad, has regained control of the western portions of Syria and is now solidifying those gains around the major cities and population centers like Aleppo and Damascus the capitol.

Just when everybody thought the Syrian conflict couldn’t add any more armies and actors into the fight, one of Israel’s red lines has been crossed.  It is one of their vital security issues not to ever allow a safe haven for Iran inside Syria.  An increase in tensions in Syria this week by the setting up of cells on Israels border will certainly lead to a response from Israel.

These responses from the IDF have lately been intense and disproportionate to create a large deterrence capability.  Even with the deterrence of the IDF to annihilate the Iranians and Hezbollah on Israel’s border, the Iranians are stubborn enough and have enough vital interests inside Syria to ignore the IDF’s warning.

This area is a bomb waiting to go off that could trigger a larger regional Middle Eastern war that could submerge the region even further into conflict.



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