Video: ATGM vs Turkish Vehicle

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   10 March 2017

Anti tank guided missiles are literally everywhere in Syria.  These things have the ability to hit and destroy tanks with just two soldiers thousands of yards away.  Here you can see the SDF forces have set up their TOW missile system which they received from their American advisers.

Now these missiles are given to them to act as a fighting force loyal to the requests of the United States and her allies.  But there are conditions to just be handed an expensive missile.  One of these known to be implemented are that the SDF fighters cannot receive another missile from the Americans until they turn in the empty spent missile tube.

These controls have also been discussed with anti aircraft missiles.  But so far not many of those have shown up on the battle field.  Many times these TOW ATGM systems were anti aircraft missiles.  They used to target the Syrian government warplanes that were grounded so in a sense they fulfilled that purpose as well.

Watch the Video of the Turkish armor getting hit

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