Video: Turkey Attacks the Syrian Army that are Blocking the Kurds

By Mahmut Bozarslan (VOA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   10 March 2017

Turkey has so far kept its word and followed through on what their military has been saying.  Interestingly enough, this escalation simply follows what the the Turkish President has been saying.

These attacks seem to be limited at this time.  But according to, who is an ally of, these Syrian troops that were attacked were border guards that were near Manbij.  If you look at the name of the operation the Turkish Army and the FSA (Free Syria Army), titled “Operation Euphrates Shield”, the Turks are simply shielding the Euphrates river from their known enemy, the Kurds.

Turkey has for about 40 years battled a Kurdish minority insurgency campaign of terrorism and attacks in south east Turkey.  The U.S. had been on the Turkish officials trying to get them to secure their borders to block the flow of recruits and weapons to ISIS but it took them a while to begin.  Although not complete, this new wall that Turkey has been building along their entire Syrian border will protect them from quite a bit of cross border activities.

With the Turkish army finally getting Al Bab secured and more stabilized, they had promised to move to Manbij. This is what they are doing.  Now they have said they will help with ISIS and move to Raqqa after Manbij.  After all, these cities lay on the Euphrates river.  Thus the name of their operation Euphrates Shield.  Turkey says its main concern is ISIS but has shown it will not tolerate the American backed SDF or Syrian Army getting in its way or interests.



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