Turkey backs off of Manbij Threat

By SGT Ian Schell [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   11 March 2017

With Donald Trump sitting in the White House, he has came through with his promise of being so good at the military thing that he has gave the military commanders their power to create and build plans.  Seems like the Commander in Chief has understood the Pentagon is expert in what it does, and listens to its recommendations.  No longer it seems will the U.S. Military be bogged down waiting for lengthy approvals from Washington.

This sense comes from the recent deployment of troops to Manbij and Ain Issa Syria.  Manbij is where some of the YPG who are thought to be along side the SDF troops that Turkey has been threatening to remove.

ABC news has stated that the number of American troops now in country in Syria have reached 900.  Do the math and you can determine this deployment of about 400 U.S. Marines and Army Rangers, both of which are elite American forces.  500 Special Forces commandos have already done a lot of training and planning ground work for this deployment we are witnessing.

The Syrian conflict will always keep us guessing.  This week concretes that idea.

The Turkish military has, since this American deployment, stated it will not enter Manbij and wont press onto toppling ISIS’s capitol Raqqa, Syria without the go ahead from Washington and Moscow.  Smart move because the U.S. and Moscow must understand that Turkey is and will continue to get restless about the Kurds growing in power along their southern border.  Turkey views the Kurds as mortal enemies because of the terrorist insurgency campaign they have been waging in the Turkish south east.

With U.S. and Turkish near each other reasoning only makes sense that the two NATO allies team up and smash ISIS together.  The message coming from that will be exactly what President Trump has been talking about.  America stands with its allies and does what it says it is going to do.

There will be more coming from this part of the earth every day.  Stay tuned for daily updates on the Syrian conflict and its twists every day.

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