Ukraine War Spikes Again

By Ministry of Defense of Ukraine [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   11 March 2107

The stalemate of a war in Ukraine has spiked this year.  Just this week Ukrainian soldiers have been killed in battle.  Spikes like these are actually appearing in Ukraine at very coincidental times.

The notes and agrees that these coincidental times are because the main Ukrainian backers like the United States and many European countries are distracted with other problems like Syria and Russia in Syria.  Whats in the European interests at this time are to try and relieve pressure on civilians in Syria to stop the refugees flooding their borders.  Russia being an enemy of many European countries is well aware of this, and will most likely keep stirring Syria up as much as possible.

Russia has been accused of using refugees as a weapon of war by many western countries.  It is very well true too because Russia vetoes many common sense United Nations Resolutions on Syria.  From this one can only determine Russia want s the Syrian war to continue to keep the pressure on Europe through the millions of potential terrorist being embedded the refugees.

How does this relate to Ukraine though?  Russia is staying inside Syria to keep it unstable, which keeps pressure on European governments about the refugee issue stretching their funds and banks so far they cannot help Ukraine.  This is just a theory but looks like it could resemble some truths.  After all, this is exactly what has been occurring.

Canada was not mentioned in a Ukrainian backer because Canada has been doing way more than just backing them politically.  They have sent gear and non lethal equipment to assist the Ukrainian Army rebuild itself.  On top of that Canada has just announced their military will continue to train the Ukrainian military until 2019.  That is a good friend.

Avdiivka Ukraine has been a hot spot for fighting to break out ever since this tragic war started two years ago now.  The industrial supply hub makes the city of Avdiivka very important with resources but also because it is a linking city that connects the outlying areas to the Russian backed militants self claimed capitol, Donetsk.  Both sides that are fighting, of course are blaming each other for the violations of the Minsk agreement.

With just about every major friend (except Canada) of Ukraine looking at other conflicts in the world, Ukraine is far from be a stable country.  Syria is way to explosive to ignore by anyone, but is anyone making a mistake by turning a blind eye to a creeping European war?

Hind sight is 20/20, but history shows friends of Ukraine are making a mistake by not helping Ukraine more militarily.

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