Rebels Leave Homs in Syria Deal

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   13 March 2017

Russia once again has assisted the Syrian and Iranian government replace large areas of populations with one another.  In Homs, the start of the Syrian revolution and its third largest citry, another deal is in practice on the ground.  Theses deals they strike with one another gives the rebels safe exit of the city they are in while being able to carry their small personal weapons.  The rebels haven’t been allowed to take heavy weapons and vehicles from any of these swaps.

Iran, one of Syria’s main allies is a majority Shia country that wants to expand its global and power reach throughout the middle east.  The Iranians see this power increasing every time a deal is struck to remove Sunni rebel groups and their families from besieged cities in Syria and moves them elsewhere in the country.  The rebels are usually relocated to Idlib province (Northern Western) in Syria, which borders Turkey.


By Plaintowork (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

 With Iran, Hezbollah and the Syrian Government all being allied to the Shia religion, it is in their interest to either kill or displace the Sunnis living near the population centers in the West of Syria.  This area is also vital because it borders the Mediterranean sea.

Israel is also on its toes keeping a very close eye on things happening with Iran and Syria.  With Iran swearing and promising the destruction of Israel, the Israeli’s are keeping a very close eye.  It has been thought that Israel is the one who targets weapons shipments from Iran inside Syria to its proxy Hezbollah.  Although, Israel has never admitted this.

With Homs now being evacuated of rebel fighters who are against Damascus, there wont be many Sunni Muslims between Iran, Damascus (Syrian Capitol) and Lebanon where Hezbollah is from.  This gives Iran and Hezbollah time and another area to set up posts against Israel.

ISIS in Palmyra is being slowly pushed back.  This is the second time recently that Palmyra has been fought over.  ISIS is bent on erasing history it seems not authentic to its religious beliefs.   This war with its many different actors is approaching its sixth year mark.  Also the Syrian Observatory reports that approximately since the war has started  465,000 people have lost their lives.

The end of this war looks bleak and distant but there are continued peace talks in Astana Kazakhstan, with Russia Turkey and Syria present at the tables.  Most of these talks in the past have done almost nothing but hope cannot be lost.  Something must be attempted with peace and this horrible conflict.

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  1. Wonderful Blogpost thank you for sharing.


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