Video: Taliban Hunted by Marine Cobra

By Communication Specialist Seaman Mark Hays [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   13 March 2017

Has anyone ever wondered what it would be like to be up against an American occupying force?  Here is the video for you then.  You can watch Taliban fighters in Afghanistan firing their DShk machine gun (M2 Browning equivalent) at something they spotted in the distance.

That something happened to be U.S. Marines setting up a small reconnaissance observation post to observe the area from a higher view point.  The Taliban and their local knowledge of the terrain means they know the ranges and hiding areas in their area of operations.  You can hear the Taliban fighters voices and how they were calm at the beginning, but as soon as the Cobra gunship started searching you could hear their calm voices turn a little more worried.

Hiding in almost plain sight, dressed in civilian clothes, these fighters watch and film the Cobra searching for where the DShK was firing from.  Moving from building to building in unison with the helicopter, the Taliban fighters stay in the cover of a building that the Cobra is adjacent to.  Smart move!

The Cobra narrows down to where they could have been firing on friendly troops from and lights the area up with its 20 mm cannon strapped to the nose.  That changed their voices from worried to down right “were going to die”.  Thinking about shooting at American troops wherever they are?  Just know, you will be hunted like the Taliban.

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