Pakistan Army Sends Brigade to Saudi Arabian South

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   14 March 2017

The entire world is looking at ISIS and at the war going on in Syria.  Looking so hard that everyone has forgotten or overlooked Yemen and what is going on over there.  Things must not be getting any better for Saudi Arabia in the north western portions of Yemen because they have been requesting the whole time for help from the Pakistani Army.  This week it is reported that finally, the Pakistani Army will be assisting its long time ally Saudi Arabia in its fight to stop the spread of Iranian influence through the region.

Media in Pakistan are reporting that about a brigade of Pakistani Army soldiers which comprises of about 3,000 men, will be heading to the southern border of Saudi Arabia and Yemen to secure the border.  Houthi rebels who are backed and supplied by Iran since the start of the war have secured their foothold in the capitol of Yemen, Sanaa.  From the capitol region, which is close to southern Saudi Arabia, the Houthi rebels have launched ballistic missiles into Saudi territory and ambushes that kill and destroy a lot of equipment and men.

Pakistan has been asked many times by the Saudi’s for help in containing the Houthis which in turn helps to contain Iran.  But Pakistan has tried very hard to stay out of the Yemen war, although it has finally succumb to pressures to join the conflict.  Pakistani officials are saying the brigade will be staying inside the borders of Saudi Arabia and will act as a quick response force in the event Saudi Arabia gets attacked again by the Houthi terrorist organization.

Pakistan and the Saudis maintain close ties militarily and many Pakistani officers are already inside Saudi Arabia training and advising their fight against the Houthis.  Saudi Arabia must be worried.  Oil prices are at record lows, Iran now literally at their southern border, and the Yemen conflict which was thought to go very fast and easy has turned into a nightmarish stalemate type of war.    This conflict in Yemen will go on for a long time unless more is done stop terrorist influences in the region.

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