Video: Drone View ISIS Car Bomb

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   16 March 2017

In Mosul the Iraqi army has been bogged down trying to expel ISIS for months now.  Street to street urban war fare is extremely dangerous and time consuming for any army to undertake.  In Feburary of this year it was reported that the Iraqi Army had cleared the eastern part of Mosul and were crossing the Tigris river into the old part of Mosul.

West of the Tigris river is where ISIS knew the large armored convoys would have the most trouble, so ISIS built fortifications and stockpiles of weapons on every street.  In this ISIS propaganda film you can see ISIS inside Mosul shooting wildly towards American backed Iraqi forces.

The video then is filmed by a drone flying over another Iraqi Army position.  The ISIS drone operator sees them resting near their trucks and radios up to his commander to send in a suicide bomber vehicle (SVIED).  Many times the SVBIED consists of one ISIS fighter that gets into a makeshift armored car packed with explosives and drives it at their enemy and blows it up.

This SVBIED was carrying two ISIS fighters into the suicide mission.  This was most likely because the drone operator saw many more vehicles bunched together and thought the driver might need some covering fire to get close enough to do real damage to the Iraqi position.  As the two suicide bombers race and shoot ahead, they crash and push through the vehicle blockades to get to their prey.  Finally seeing larger tanks and being in the middle of an Iraqi combat motor pool the SVBIED explodes destroying many vehicles and taking lives of many Iraqi soldiers.

The length of the ISIS fight in Iraq has caused some complacency as you can see in the video.  If the Iraqi soldiers were covering 360 degrees around them, the SVBIED may have never even crossed their lines.

Watch ISIS SVBIED Drone Video in HD

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