Video: Syrian Rebels in Intense Firefight

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   16 March 2017

In this video you can see the Syrian rebels and what they are up against fighting the Syria Army and its many forces allied to them.  These rebels plan their assault on a SAA position without much formal planning or rehearsing.

It seems as though the advancing rebels were seen first by the SAA guards defending their position.  The rebels and SAA open fire at one another without much accuracy but while returning fire, the rebels advance on the enemy position.  The rebels set up a hasty machine gun fire supporting position but is not very effective because the SAA has the upper hand in fire control.

As the rebels reach the limit of their advance they are struck with an airstrike that nearly misses their position.  Being that the airstrike did land so close to some fighters, those fighters were  more than likely killed or injured, if not plain terrified for their lives.

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