Video: ISIS Chemical Mortar Attack

Photo Credit: U.S. Marines Public Domain
Philip Harris   17 March 2017

Embedded reporters from Rudaw put out a video of them with Iraqi forces inside western Mosul coming under attack numerous times.  They film as they move from house to house through makeshift above ground tunnels through the city.  ISIS built and carved holes through many houses, roadways and mosques inside Mosul to be able to move through the city without being at risk by sniper fire.

The Iraqi forces in this video are trying to locate friendly forces nearby so they can link up and continue the assault through western Mosul.  The problem with this is, they are in western Mosul.  The Eastern part of Mosul (east of Tigris river) has much larger roads and alley ways, but the western part of the city is much older and was not planned like the eastern newer sections of city were built.  These narrow and confusing roads play right into the hands of ISIS fighters and their ambushes.

Just like in the video here, Iraqi forces get slowed and bogged down in the confusion of what direction their friendlies are and where ISIS is.  ISIS, being that they controlled the city for the past few years, knows exactly where the Iraqi forces are and more than likely know what they are confused about because they are the ones creating the situation.

As ISIS zeroes in on their position, the Iraqi forces are trying desperately to get into cover so the sniping can stop while setting up blankets to drape across roads so that the snipers cant see them in the future as well.  It is too late to set up blankets to trick up snipers because ISIS knows exactly where the enemy forces in “their” city is and starts to drop mortars on them.

White smoke is seen filling the air near where the explosion came from and Iraqi troops scatter to get out of there.  Many troops start to escape and that is when the coughing begins.  This unknown chemical is believed to be chlorine, but as of now, nobody is sure.

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