3 U.S. Shot in Insider Attack in Afghanistan

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   20 March 2017

Sunday March 19th, 2017, 3 U.S. soldiers in Helmand province Afghanistan were injured by what has been reported by military officials as an Afghan soldier that may have switched sides.  Military officials have not yet stated what unit the Afghan soldier was in or his name but said he was killed while exchanging gunfire with forces trying to stop the attack.

This brings the total of American forces injured in 2017 to 15.  None in the year of 2017 have been reportedly killed in action.

The story on what actually happened is the Afghan soldier obviously defected to the Taliban, ISIS or just hated Americans.  Yes, ISIS is in Afghanistan with a small footprint trying to establish a hold somewhere inside.  Defense officials stated the attack occurred around 1:30 PM at camp Antonik.  The gunman was inside the base already because he was a soldier for the three Afghan National Army (ANA) and started to open fire at any American forces he could see.  Coalition forces nearby, realizing what is happening, opened fire on the lone gunman killing him.  Before the insurgent was killed he shot three U.S. servicemen that were there to train the very army this terrorist came from.

The Afghan Military put out a statement they believed the gunman opened fire by “mistake” wounding the three American soldiers.  Negligent discharges (shooting your weapon on accident) can happen, especially with a very rookie army that is young and not experienced.  So, it is not out of the question for this to be a negligent discharge but, the statement from the Afghan Military does hold some weight in this situation.

The past has shown these weren’t simple negligent discharge though, with many instances inside Afghanistan where a trained soldier for the ANA has been collaborating with the Taliban or the like about conducting an on base attack.  These attacks are a extremely effective because they are so hard to detect and protect against because the perpetrator is already inside the base walls.

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