Israel Takes Deterrence to a New Level

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   20 March 2017

This past weekend was an eventful one across Syria with Israel bombing their way towards a conflict with Syria and Hezbollah.  Which both of those will lead to fighting Iran which has been sending its proxy armies all over the Middle East.  Since this past Friday the air raid by Israel have been continually updated with new facts about the Israeli air strikes near Palmyra, Syria.

In those early morning hours of March 17th the Israeli Air Force (IAF) bombed with its war planes an Iranian missile and weapons shipment being sent to Hezbollah through Iraq then through Syria.  Israel has maintained they will prevent game changing weaponry from getting into the hands of Hezbollah, a recognized terrorist organization.  The air strike was the the first time in years the Syrian government fired back with anti air missiles.  While also one of the only times Israel has admitted to conducting the attack.  There is something to be said about the two firsts being so close together.

Israel used its Arrow anti missile system for the first time in a real combat situation and the missile system performed exactly how it was supposed to, according to Israeli military officials.  Not only did the missile system perform flawlessly while knocking the Syrian anti aircraft missiles out if the air over Jordan, the Israeli military is warning the Syrian government that if it fires missiles at the IAF again it will without hesitation destroy all of the Syrian air defenses.  That is a serious and clear threat that Israel will have to uphold because Iran is sure to continue sending more advanced weapons to Hezbollah through Syria.

After the air raids in Palmyra on Friday the IAF’s long arms and eyes were still watching over the Golan Heights which is annexed territory from Syria now in control of Israel.  The Syrian government then reported on Sunday the IAF again bombed Syrian soil near the occupied Golan Heights in the Quneitra area killing a rebel commander who was loyal to Syrian President Assad.  Hezbollah denies the Syrian Militia commander who was killed and identified as Yasser Assayed as being a part of their organization, but says he commanded a militia that is part of the Syrian National Defense militia that fights next to Syrian regime troops.

There were not any reports about Syrian forces shooting at Israeli aircraft on Sunday, which leads one to believe the Syrian government took the Israeli threat to destroy all of their air defenses very seriously.  Good call by the Syrians because Israel has shown one right after another that if they say it, they will do what they say.

All of this keep in mind is to prevent known terrorist organizations from receiving advanced weaponry.  Especially when that terrorist organization was formed for the specific task of destroying Israel.  What would any country be left to do other than to act in a way to stop these weapons transfers?  Exactly what Israel is doing.

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