Video: Egypt Doing its Part in ISIS War

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   20 March 2017

The Sinai peninsula in Egypt has always had its issues with terrorism.  It is close to what many Arab states say is what is causing all of this strife through the Middle East, Israel.  Many times has the Sinai gone from one power to another.  It has been controlled by Israel and Egypt but currently Egypt.

With the intense air strikes and military pressure being placed on ISIS at all times and in all corners of the world, the Sinai is one place they have sought to expand in.  ISIS has crossed into Egypt and has attempted to solidify its self declared caliphate in the Sinai just like it did inside Syria.

Egypt with immense pressure from the United States and Israel, has stepped up its fight against ISIS in the peninsula plagued with terrorism problems.  The Sinai is so remote and is so isolated with its deserts and its unique terrain, that not many people live there.  Making it a perfect place to set up your terrorist workshops and go to work.

This color footage of Egyptian air strikes on ISIS shows proof they are serious about eradicating these guys from their turf.  The airstrikes are of good quality and very accurate because the Egyptian military is almost totally built with U.S. Military hardware.

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Video Credit:  YouTube, Channel Al-Masdar News

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