Video: Mk38 and Gatling Gun Practicing on Small Boats

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eddie Harrison
Philip Harris   20 March 2017

Watching this video will make you wonder what Iran is thinking when they harass U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf.  Tensions have been rising drastically with Iran since President Trump has taken office.  President Trump has maintained that his administration will keep the pressure on the worlds number one state sponsor of terror (Iran).

Interestingly enough there haven been many harassment occurrences by the small boats of the Iranian navy.  After watching this video it becomes clear why they would think twice.  Especially with a new president and more importantly because the Iranians would have to face weapons like the Gatling gun and the MK-38 25mm chain gun.

What is also extremely noteworthy is that the small boats the U.S. Navy is training against look very similar to those that have been harassing and threatening them in the Persian Gulf near Iran.  Is that a coincidence?  Conflict Daily doesn’t think so.  In the picture below you can see the boats from the Iranian navy that don’t really stand a chance to the world class navy of the United States.


By sayyed shahab-o- din vajedi [CC BY 4.0 (],

There is only really one way can small boats can take down a large vessel and that is through trickery, confusion and a lot of distractions.  What that tactic is called, is swarming.  Just like insects, vast numbers of the small boats would swarm larger navy vessels, like ants and a caterpillar, while shooting at them creating a large distraction for a suicide vessel or remote controlled vessel that could ram the U.S. Navy vessel causing severe damage or even sinking it.  It would be hard to swarm a boat that has these weapons on it though.

This video was most likely intended for the Iranian Sailors who are ordered to face United States Navy with only their not much bigger sport fisherman boats.

The video just released of these sailors training on these issues is testimony Iran is being countered and thought about much more than believed.  As the tactics of Navies change all over the wold, the training missions become vital for your ship to make it back to port in one piece and not under tow.

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Video Credit:  YouTube, channel AiirSource Military

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