Video: What Effective Machine Gun Fire Looks Like

Photo Credit: Flickr and DVIDSHUB. License:
Philip Harris   20 March 2017

Here are some sounds that many of our loyal readers and viewers have heard before.  ISIS finally has a machine gunner that actually aims down the sights and is using his tripod mounted to the gun.  We can see the devastating results that accurate, suppressive gunfire has.

In this video you can see what appears to be an Iraqi soldier holding the line and his post near some sandbags.  ISIS has entrenched itself inside Mosul for years now.  So these Iraqi fighters have built a hasty sandbag and dirt mounded positions to better hold the line of advance towards Mosul, Iraq.  ISIS though has been watching from inside Mosul and takes aim with there PKM machine guns.

The Iraqi soldier has been through so much in his battles against ISIS that he is used to being shot at and actually laughs the ISIS gunfire off.  He is only able to peek over to look at where the fire is coming from but has to duck before he loses his head.  The soldier is so confident in his skills and position he finds it acceptable to adjust the camera so he can get his moment of fame.  He is still scared enough to not really poke his head up too much and only shoots without looking.  Which does next to nothing, especially when a trained machine gunner has got you number dialed exactly right.

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Video Credit :  Youtube, WarLeaks Channel

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