Huge Chemical Disaster in Ukraine Just Waiting to Explode

By Ministry of Defense of Ukraine [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]
Philip Harris   21 March 2017

The entire world is looking right at Syria and has forgotten to check back in with the Ukraine war.  Chemical weapons are being used by ISIS and other governments in the Middle East and the United Nations (UN) is warning of a chemical disaster that could occur in eastern Ukraine.

Eastern Ukraine, or the Donbass region is where the Russian led separatists have ripped land from the control of the Ukrainian government and have battled for their independence from Ukraine with the support from Russia.

Donetsk city in eastern Ukraine is the country’s main industrial center where many different chemicals and industries are based.  This is part of the reason why the Ukrainian government does not want to give this land away to the separatists.  The industrial centers that are getting a lot of attention are chlorine tanks and other chemical facilities that have just last month been hit with an artillery shell.  Why the tank did not explode sending lethal chlorine gas throughout the area is unknown but Ukrainian citizens were extremely lucky that it did not get damaged.  That tank that was hit accidentally, holds 15,000 pounds of chlorine.  what does this mean?

This war could turn into a serious human disaster on the scale that could only compare to the nuclear reactor disaster in Chernobyl.  According to the U.N., a 2,000 pound tank filled with chlorine, if exploded, could kill any person within 600 feet of the tank.  The Donbass region holds multiple of 15,000 pond chlorine tanks.

The Donbass region, where Russian separatists are, was home to about 5,300 different industries that is under almost complete control of the separatists.  This is key for this conflict because industry is very important for governments because of jobs, taxes, products and is a source of internal job and market security.  With that said, the Ukrainian government will most likely never stop trying to wrestle this land back fro the separatists.

This conflict is so brutal and so stalemated that the soldiers on the front line have reported they cant worry about the chemical plants near by because they are too busy trying to find food to eat, build fix and repair their fortifications from earlier fighting to be able to do anything about the chemicals anyway.  The Ukrainian soldiers and separatists alike have barely enough supplies to live and hold their fortifications let alone advance and properly secure another huge industrial area.

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