Video: Imagine if this was Your Neighborhood

Photo Credit: Pixabay
Philip Harris   21 March 2017

In this non combat video you can see what it is like to live in a city that the President Assad of Syria believed did not follow him and that did not like his government.  Through this horrible war about 500,000 people have been killed and many cities have been destroyed.

All sides to the conflict including Russia, Iran, Turkey and the United states have played a role is destroying parts or whole cities in Syria.  Syria’s air force is very old and extremely outdated while having almost no bombs to drop.  Therefore, what the Syrian air force did was create homemade “barrel” bombs to drop out of helicopters into cities below.  None of these barrel bombs were guided and they simply fell into the cities without any type of accuracy or guidance.  These are a huge factor in why Syria looks the way it does because hundreds, if not thousands, of homemade bombs have been tossed all over Syria.

You cant just put the blame on Syria though because many countries are conducting air strikes there.  When Russia joined into the fight in September 2015 they dropped thousands of unguided bombs everyday all over cities across Syria.  These “dumb” bombs were all filmed and many of them missed their targets completely or hit the target but did not cause the damage sought because of the accuracy.  Many times the Russian aircraft needed to re-attack the same target and missed twice in a row.  When they miss, those bombs hit something other than what was supposed to be blown up.

Everyone has been accused by the other side of the conflict of bombing vital infrastructure like hospitals and industrial areas.  Of course they all deny that this was their intention, but regardless, the strikes against hospitals and other important building occurred regularly.

Basically, every country that has their forces involved in Syria have contributed to the destruction of the country but none more responsible for this than the President of Syria.  Bombing with homemade bombs over populated cities has zero military effect on an enemy army because that bomb isn’t hitting anything other than a random spot in the city.  Surrounding and the sieges of  entire non loyal cities is how the Syria Army likes to take control of a city.  Starving it from the inside out so one day the city will surrender and another Iran backed population swap will be under way.     All of this is without mentioning the cluster munitions Russia has used in Syria over entire cities.

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Video Credit:  YouTube, Channel R&U Videos

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