Syrian Rebels Assaulting Capitol Damascus and Hama in Syria

VOA News; Scott Bobb reporting from Aleppo, Syria
Philip Harris   22 March 2017

President Assad sitting inside Damascus has largely escaped the majority of the bloodshed and carnage that has raged through Syria the past six years.  That quiet in the capitol, has gone away.  Everyone thought the Syrian rebels were down and they were out with almost no power left to fight.  Well, this seems like that relative calm in the country after the battle of Aleppo ended was just the rebels regrouping and planning for another assault.  They kept their new ideas for their next target in Syria a secret.

There is no secret anymore to what the rebels want to attack and fight for.  The rebels have two assaults going on at the same time as you read this article.  One assault in Hama which is halfway in the middle of the country between Aleppo and the capitol Damascus.  The other assault is in fact in the capitol of Syria, Damascus.

This proves the rebels have a lot of fight left in them and President Assad has a long way to go before he can fully control his country.  What is worrisome is the FSA or Free Syrian Army has been taking part in the offensives and they signed the ceasefire agreement for this part of the country not to shoot at Syria Army forces.  It looks like the FSA has ended their ceasefire as of Tuesday morning with the assault on Hama.  Ending the cease fire only means one thing, the peace talks are being scrapped once again because of the sheer will of the Syrian rebels in trying to take back their country.

The Syrian Army (SAA) told Reuters that they plan to reinforce both cities under rebel assault with heavy tanks and more troops.  The SAA added, saying the rebels have amassed a lot of forces for these attacks.

Damascus was distracted by the rebel assaults in the city’s eastern sectors in Jobar and Ghouta.  That is exactly why the rebels assaulted Hama to the north at the same time.  Coordinating their attacks makes them more in line with an organized army like the SAA while being much harder to fight against and requiring the SAA to spread their forces thinner.

With these ruse and distraction techniques happening through this war zone, you can really see the skill and genius behind the veteran planners of this war.  This war has caused regular farmers and workers to become military geniuses.  These operations, working in unison are a lot further advanced than when the war started.  That in itself would scare any government.

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