Iran’s Navy Harassing US Aircraft Carrier

Photo Credit: US Navy via Wikimedia Commons
Philip Harris   24 March 2017

The U.S. Carrier Strike Group 2 with its flagship aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush is steaming through the Strait of Hormuz near the Iranian coast heading for the coast of Iraq. Sailing past another state sponsor of terror to continue pounding away at ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  Before they could get there the Iranian navy has once again driven their small boats within close range of the strike group with weapons uncovered and manned.

All of this occurring while the Trump administration in Washington prepares new sanctions against Iran.  Iran has over and over came and harassed U.S. Navy warships that travel through the strait.  This is most likely one of the reasons for new sanctions, along with internationally illegal missile tests, supporting Houthis and Hezbollah while failing some nuclear related tests on heavy water.  Thus, Iran is labelled as the worlds number one sponsor of terrorism throughout the globe.  The carrier group has reiterated that they have not strayed into Iran’s territorial waters like the Iranian navy is saying.  The Strait of Hormuz has about 30% of all the worlds oil sail through here so it is extremely vital to oil producing and consuming nations to keep interest in this waterway and for it to stay open.

The Iranians before have stated they can and will destroy any U.S. Navy ship that threatens them but this, we all know is likely very far from the truth and is just militaristic rhetoric and threats.  Whether the Iranian navy could last very long at all is a big question for everyone and if Iran keeps this behavior up, the world might be shown the power of the U.S. Navy once again.  Both Navies have a history near the Persian Gulf and the Straits nearby, when there was a Naval battle between Iran and the United States with, yes you guessed it, the U.S. annihilated most of the Iranian navy with just one engagement.

Conflict Daily has written previously about what an incident like this would look like and how the U.S. is training for it, but what happened this time and were any shots fired?  The Pentagon has reported that there were no shots fired but that there were U.S. helicopters dispatched to hover over the Iranian boats in a form of return harassment.

The tools that the world class navy of the United States have are almost endless to be able to stop a country like Iran from acting this way.  Those tools in question are only a matter of escalating some small Iranian harassment into a full blown war that the U.S. Navy would most likely come out on top but also, that the U.S. Navy wants to avoid.  The U.S. could have easily blown these boats out of the water but has not done so to prevent escalating tensions.

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