Video: Huge Explosions Happening Now in Eastern Ukraine (Epic HD Drone View)

By Senior Airman Christopher Hubenthal [Public domain]
Philip Harris   24 March 2017

Violence has flared again all over Eastern Ukraine this spring.  Spring usually sees increases in fighting no matter where the war is.  Ukraine is no different.  With the eastern portion of Ukraine being almost totally and industrial complex, neither side wants to give in to any demands and both have continued to fight over control of Ukraine’s industrial hub.

In this video you can see that this is not a chemical facility but is an arms depot that has been hit by either an artillery shell or a missile in the eastern region of Kharkiv.  It hasn’t been said if this was an errant shell or missile or if it had been targeted by the separatists.  But, there have been many pictures and video reaching social media of errant missiles that have fallen in the are, so as of this time today, nobody is sure what happened.

Kiev, the government and capitol city of Ukraine has said that they suspect this to be a Russian operation to destroy ammunition and supplies for the Ukrainian Army.   While you can also see in the video that there are multiple different areas of this complex that look to have been hit or have already exploded.  Giving the missile theory another chance at being the cause.

All in all, 138,000 tons of ammunition are burning as we speak in an extremely active a violent war zone.  Conflict Daily predicted extremely closely something like this would happen in eastern Ukraine’s industrial complexes.  Although, Conflict Daily must state that it was incorrect to assume a chemical disaster would be the next big event.  With us following this conflict extremely closely more will be coming from eastern Ukraine.

This proves there are moves happening between both sides of the conflict every day.  We predicted the industries would be next to suffer the consequences of war.  It seems predicted correctly.  We will keep you updated as events unfold in Ukraine.  Best way to stay informed is to follow on Facebook or Twitter.  

Video Credit:  YouTube, Channel DISASTERS AND NEWS A.D.

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