Trump and U.S. Military Plot Next Syria Moves

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Many reports of various kinds are coming from Syria this week and depending on which side you like better are how those reports could be understood.  The chemical attack in Syria’s Idlib province this week has the new U.S. administration in Washington looking at more options to end this war including military options.

This chemical attack has changed the thinking inside of the new presidential administration, by saying Assad, the President of Syria, fate would be determined by the people of Syria.  But after this chemical attack, it has been reported that President Trump is meeting with his defense secretary (military).  Now circulating media and social channels is that Trump is now considering military strikes to make sure Assad knows how the United States feels about Syria’s internationally illegal chemical weapons attacks.

Defense Secretary for the U.S. retried General Mattis is President Trump’s go to man and is an expert for situations like this, so it is encouraging that this new administration is not just making any moves without plenty of thought behind them, especially military ones.  Donald Trump never served in any armed forces so seeking the expertise of someone like Secretary of Defense Mattis is a very welcome step.  After all congress let Mattis get through the questioning process to be able to become the Defense Secretary unlike congress has done for other Trump nominees.  This means that Mattis is seen as an expert by both sides of the isle.

President Trump stressed during his press conference that no decisions about Syria have been made yet.  Secretary Mattis’s superb expertise and knowledge of military situations and procedures has received solid support for the administration and will be relying on the judgement of Secretary Mattis for information on what the United States is prepared to do about the chemical attacks.

“It crossed a lot of lines for me” President Trump said speaking at a press conference with King Abdullah II of Jordan.  In 2013, then President Obama had a chemical weapons attack occur inside Syria and also blamed the Assad regime and he promised military action if it happened again.  Well, a chemical attack did happen after Obama said this and no U.S. military attack on Assad’s forces occurred like was promised.

With this attack happening on the presidency of Donald Trump, we are likely to see something happen in Syria because of this chemical attack.  As Secretary Mattis and President Trump sit down today and speak about ways of eliminating the chances of another chemical attack like this happening again, Trump once more reiterated that he will not be letting anyone know anything about what the U.S. military plans are, citing operational security and past administrations military announcements.

Which that move of not broadcasting military operations and plans, is something that’s vital to operational security.  Every time a government announced a military operation inside Syria or against ISIS, those governments later said that the fight for that area was much harder that they had expected.  Maybe this is because they told the enemy where they were going to attack and when?

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