Video: An Afghanistan RC South Tour

By U.S. Navy photo by MC2 Petty Officer Kim Smith

This video is from Afghanistan in 2010 and 2011, and is a gathering of many videos from Alpha company, 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), 101 Airborne Division Air Assault.

  •  For operational security and to prevent any enemy of the U.S. military from using this video effectively, will not use accurate dates, or names while commentating on this video

These men arrived in Afghanistan in the Spring of 2010 and did not stop fighting, dropping bombs, killing Taliban until the summer of 2011.  This company went through quite a bit in their tour of the Taliban infested southern Afghanistan(RC South).

Theses boys arrived in the spring of 2010 to an area of Afghanistan that was understood to not have been patrolled by U.S. coalition forces since 2002.  Knowing those facts they expected to see a lot of fighting and that they did.  It was less than 72 hours after they had air assaulted to their small combat outpost (COP) that they already began to receive fire from multiple directions.  That day ended with twelve 155 Howitzer rounds and a 500 pound bomb striking enemy positions that were less than 150 meters (yards) away.  That set the tone.

When the 101st went to Afghanistan they had already came from Iraq just a year prior.  In fact, it was only a few months before their deployment to Afghanistan that they received new orders stating they were not going back to Iraq, but to Southern Afghanistan instead (trained for cities and Iraqi terrain).  This changed their training and deployment dates considerably.

From securing new territory, to preventing the Taliban from using it, to building schools and roads this company did pretty much it all.  They were responsible for the security of a small city of about 10,000 local Afghans and for fixing, repairing and assisting in setting up a school for that city.

Also, the U.S. forces by clearing much of the city and surrounding areas, created a safer (safest possible in Afghanistan) area where they actually started a jobs and city rebuilding program.  In that rebuilding was of course the question of reconstruction and fixing up the local school.  These Americans know the value of education and some gave their lives for Afghans to be able to go to school.   Which that school was completed and all promises by the U.S. soldiers to open it were fulfilled.  Still, not many showed up for school when these soldiers opened it and secured it for them.

Knowing the Taliban still had control over some portions of the population because the city wanted the school and nobody showed up for opening day.  So, when the school was opened and nobody came, the quick thinking soldiers drew up a plan to get some of these kids of the village into school.  At this point operation Dragon Strike was announced.

Operation Dragon Strike was the operation in which these soldiers from the 101st and with the rest of the 2nd BCT, cleared an enemy village that was scaring its population into not working with the Americans.  This operation was so unexpected by the Taliban and was so carefully thought out, that in the initial clearing of the enemy village, not one shot was fired.  This shows the professionalism and skills that the Taliban did not want anything to do with.

Shortly after conquering new ground, the Taliban had seen enough and decided to mount a massive all or nothing counter attack.  This counter attack was near the end of their deployment and was a middle finger from the Taliban saying we are still here.  Without wearing uniforms and with zero morals inside of them, near the end of operation Dragon Strike they mounted an attempted siege on the base from where the U.S. forces are based.

That night all started with a suicide motorcycle rider that blew himself up taking the lives of 2 U.S. soldiers and injuring 6 more.  These men, now had some experience with this area of operations (AO) and were now under siege from all sides by the Taliban fighters.  The soldiers threw every weapon in their arsenal at the Taliban forces while not firing if civilians were near by.  That changed the minds of the Taliban fighters forcing them to retreat into the civilian population where the morals of U.S. soldiers prevents them from being killed.

The 101st Airborne Division deploys every year on the year.  Just like how so many Taliban received justice in Afghanistan for terrorism and related acts, these same black hearts are fighting and taking care of ISIS in Iraq as you read this article.  Without the standard setting 101 Airborne, the United States mainland could have been the location for many parts of this video.  They take the fight to wherever its needed and fight best when they are surrounded.  The Taliban found that out, it is time that ISIS learns this lesson as well.

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