Russian Warships Head Towards U.S. Destroyers

By U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Nathanael T. Miller

A Russian news agency is reporting that the Russian Naval Forces are being deployed to the area where the U.S. Destroyers fired the missiles that destroyed a Syrian air base.  While simultaneously stating that they will be bolstering Syrian air defenses and bases in the near future.

Now, with the Russian Navy ships steaming into the Mediterranean sea towards the U.S. destroyers that fired these missiles this conflict just turned into a scarier prospect than it was just 24 hours ago.  The Admiral Grigorovich a Black sea fleet frigate (Russian Navy) has Kalibr cruise missiles which are though to be able to attack surface navy vessels.  In addition to the new vessel heading to back up its ally in Syria, Russia has promised to Syria more air defense systems to help ward off more attacks like the one the U.S. just completed.

The Syrian and Russian sides in this conflict have said today that only about half of the Tomahawk missiles that were launched reached and struck their targets.  Obviously both sides will have different opinions on the effectiveness of their firepower and the results they yield.

The Russians are reporting that six Syrian MIG -23 fighter jets, a radar location, logistical and supply warehouse, an educational building and a dinning hall were all destroyed in the attack.  They have also cancelled the de-confliction communications channels they set up with the American military coalition operating inside Syria for the time being which is counter intuitive.  But, noted the taxiways and runways were not damaged in the American missile strikes.

We all know that many options were laid on the table to President Trump and it seems he did in fact choose the least destructive method as possible.  For the U.S. military to miss half of its target like the Russians are reporting is tough to fathom.  Usually reports that discredit the opposite side are common in wars and none of the actual numbers of what was destroyed and what wasn’t have came out from the Department of Defense report on this strike.

Updated: 7 April 2017, 1646 EDT 

U.S. defense officials have now reported that 59 Tomahawk missiles.  The military officials stated they were aware of one missile that malfunctioned and did not strike its target.   What is noteworthy as well is that Russia and the U.S. reports are very different.   The American military says 20 Syrian Air Force jets were destroyed along with all their fueling and weapons facilities.

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