Video: THAAD and the North Korean Threat

By US Army employee, via Wikimedia Commons

The threats, rhetoric and propaganda coming from the DPRK (North Korea) are hard to ignore.  President Trump and his administration have said that turning a blind eye to the North Korea nuclear threat is now over and has been positioning military forces and a carrier strike group in the region.

The U.S. commander of U.S. Pacific Command, Admiral Harry B. Harris Jr. said “There is some doubt within the intelligence community whether Kim Jong Un has that capability today or whether he will soon, but I have to assume he has it, the capability is real, and that he’s moving towards it”.

Admiral Harris Jr. said that speaking in front of all 100 United States Senators that were all invited by President Trump to listen to the threats being posed by North Korea.  Which, the meeting at the white house where all of the Senators were present is history in its self.


How does the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile system fit into this conflict?

“His Rhetoric is going in one direction and his capabilities are approaching the lines of his rhetoric,” Admiral Harris said speaking to the 100 Senators about the North’s leader Kim Jong Un.  This is why the THAAD missile defense system has been brought to South Korea (US Ally) to put the whole region including parts of China in the radar range of this anti missile system.

The anti missile defense system uses direct contact to take out the enemy missile or rocket in what is called a hit to kill approach.  That can be related to hitting a bullet with another bullet.  Therefore, we all must conclude the radar on this system is immensely powerful.  China knows they are in range of this system and do not like the deployment at all.  While knowing that this system would not have been fielded if it was deemed unreliable.

This leaves the Trump administration with many different options but more importantly some of those options are diplomatic ones that run through China.  If China does not like the THAAD system on their doorstep, then they might concede more to President Trump about their North Korean ally.  The international community including the U.S. and China all know very well that if it wasn’t for China buying coal and other resources from the DPRK, then that regime would have collapsed long ago.

  • THAAD gives Trump leverage over China
  • Buying coal and resources from the DPRK gives China leverage over the North

When a country is openly talking and threatening a nuclear strike on democratic nations including the United States and Australia, the entire planet begins to worry about the consequences of such act.  To conclude what will happen to the North in the future we can only really refer to one quote from the Trump administration, “all options are on the table.”

Video Credit:  YouTube and Channel WarLeaks

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