NATO Member Turkey is Attacking U.S. Backed Kurdish Fighters in Iraq

By Captain Jason Grogan [Public domain]

A Turkish officer notifies the U.S. led coalition just one hour in advance of a Turkish air raid that will target United States backed Kurdish forces in and around the area of Sinjar Iraq.  At about an hour after notifying the coalition the Turkish jets bombed areas around Sinjar, Iraq where Kurdish Peshmerga forces were located.  This all occurred on April 25th of this year but has greater impacts beginning right after that strike.

U.S. Ground Troops are Now Deploying Along the Syrian Turkish Border Areas

Turkey has battled a Kurdish led insurgency in its country for decades.  President Erdogan of Turkey has briefed reporters that the southern border regions near Syria inside of Turkey have came into constant mortar attacks since the air raid in Sinjar.

The fighters in Sinjar, Iraq and in Northern Syria are both allies of each other and receive massive amounts of U.S. military support in their fight against ISIS.  Kurdish militias have received that attack by the Turks and have responded by aiming some of their guns north at Turkey.

To keep things from escalating any further than they already are U.S. ground troops are watching these areas very closely.  Anyone must ask themselves, why would two NATO allies be working against each others interests in so many different ways?  It all boils down to the Kurds and Turks are mortal enemies and neither trust each other.

Turkish President Erdogan says his military will do everything they can to prevent a “terror corridor” being set up along their southern border.  That “terror corridor” how he calls it is being supported by the United States military but they don’t see them as terrorists.  The United States has said the Kurds and the SDF militias are their best fighting force they have that have taken the fight to ISIS with success.

With two allies consistently acting against each other through in-direct military actions, they must figure out common ground that they can both work together on achieving both goals.  Turkey bombing U.S. allies fighting ISIS, the allies in Syria start attacking Turkish border positions and now the U.S. has to monitor the situation and de-escalate it once again.  Just like the “invasion” that never took Manbij, Syria.

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