Turkey is Attacking U.S. Backed Militias in Syria, U.S. Troops Now Patrolling Syria Turkey Border

By Sergeant Bertha A. Flores, via Wikimedia Commons

On top of Turkey bombing the YPG and Kurdish led forces that have received backing from the United States, Turkey is now bombing them inside of northern Syria as well.  The YPG is said to be an offshoot of the known and recognized terrorist organization the PKK by Turkish military officials and views the YPG itself as a terrorist organization.  Washington only views the PKK as a terrorist group and does not support them, but they do support the YPG, which is viewed not as a terrorist group but an allied and the best ally to take out ISIS.

Social media channels have been reporting today the Turkey is still shooting artillery rounds in the Kurdish canton of Afrin just north of Aleppo, Syria.  The U.S. obviously does not like its best fighting force against ISIS being attacked and killed by its own NATO member Turkey, therefore, the United States military has dispatched some mechanized troops to the border of Syria and Turkey to try to calm the tensions between the Kurds and Turks.  These U.S. forces are patrolling as you read this article.

“The patrols’ purpose is to discourage escalation and violence between two of our most trusted (counter-Isil) partners and reinforce the US commitment to both Turkey and the SDF in their fight against ISIS,” a statement from the US-led joint command said.

  • ISIL is another term for ISIS.  It means the Islamic State from Iraq and the Levant (Syria)

Photo by: Air Force Staff Sgt. Jette Carr

With that statement coming from the U.S. led anti ISIS coalition, the Turkish President puts this statement out, “We can come unexpectedly in the night,” said President Erdogan. “We are not going to tip off the terror groups and the Turkish Armed Forces could come at any moment.” He continued.

The Turks are not completely out of line here though.  The YPG is known to the Turks as the Syrian off shoot of a internationally recognized terrorist organization called the PKK.  And those YPG members have been waging an anti Turkish insurgency campaign inside southern Turkey since the mid 1980’s.  Of course they are enemies to the Turkish military.

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