2 Videos: Battle Damage Assessment of the MOAB Strike

By U.S. Air Force, via Wikimedia Commons

It is finally here.  The battle damage assesment video from MOAB or “mother of all bombs” that was dropped in Afghanistan in mid April 2017.  The MOAB actually stands for Massive Air Blast bomb.  The air blast is why this bomb is so destructive without the need for a nuclear warhead.

In the raw filmed video hosted by Fox News shows the level of destruction the air blast bomb can cause.  In the video you can see the heat that was dispersed through the area with the burnt and ripped up trees near the explosion point.

The reason why this bomb is so destructive is because it explodes without hitting the ground.  That air burst doesn’t let much of the explosive energy into the ground but instead directs all the energy around the blast area causing severe damage and destruction to anything nearby.

ISIS-K was the recipient of this strike, and they are the new ISIS front that has reached Afghanistan.  The Korosan group is the ISIS splinter cell that has established a new front inside Afghanistan, also known as ISIS-K.

The first video is the bomb strike itself.  Filmed in thermal imagery, we all can witness the intense heat that caused many trees and building to be scorched and burned from the blast.

The second video is a raw video by Fox News, of soldiers allied to the U.S. led operations still being conducted in Afghanistan, reaching the blast sight after snaking through what is though to be ISIS territory in Nangarhar province Afghanistan.

These soldiers arriving at the blast sight were in for a shock at the amount of destruction and with what they found.  They discoved the burnt shells of cars, ISIS-K graffiti painted in building that were destroyed, and ISIS-K weapons and some bodies that were not taken by ISIS-K.  A U.S. Army spokesperson stated that at least 94 ISIS-K fighters had been killed in this strike.

This is the first time that the MOAB was used in combat and the largest non nuclear bomb dropped in a combat zone in history.  Why was the MOAB chosen for this target and why not other targets before it?

The area was riddled with landmines and had a very complex tunnel complex with many exits and entrances that made a choice for the 11 ton bomb a perfect weapon for this target.  Air bursting munitions have a devastating effect on a very hardened target like tunnels in the Afghan mountains.   After all the reason ISIS-K and others have gravitated towards tunnels was because the effectiveness of the American Air Force on their other locations.

Some say that sending in the MOAB for the first time was a message from United States aimed at adversaries like North Korea, to show them the power of the U.S. military’s non nuclear arsenal that can be used in the Asian theater without having the fears of nuclear fallout everywhere in Asia.  Except Kim Jong-un is almost guaranteed to try and shoot a nuclear weapon.

Logical thinking on that subject only leads us to believe that yes the MOAB was the right munition for the ISIS-K target, but it also, whether intentional or not, did send a message to the world, that the U.S. military is back and will be gaining power ever single day forward.  While showing the world that it also not afraid to use the tools at its disposal.

Video Credit:  YouTube and YouTube Channel USA TODAY

Video Credit:  YouTube and YouTube Channel Fox News

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