U.S. Backed SDF Fighters Take Tabqa From ISIS Inside Syria

U.S. Backed Syrian Democratic Forces Tabqa Operation

  1. Syrian Rebels Get U.S. Airlift to Raid ISIS Dam Complex   (22 March 2017)
  2. U.S. Supported SDF Advance on ISIS in Northern Syria   (1 May 2017)


Tabqa dam is seen from space on the Euphrates river in Syria. Photo By: NASA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

3.  Continuing from the two previous updates to this anti ISIS operation, social media channels have been going off the charts talking about the Syrian Democratic Forces and how they took over the Syrian city of Tabqa from ISIS.

Tabqa is home to a dam, the largest dam in Syria and has a large hydro power station with the dam as well, making this city and resource extremely vital in the fight against ISIS.  While being equally important for ISIS.

It is reported and discussed that the SDF has now complete control over the city, but in doing so have forced the ISIS fighters to retreat into the dam complex itself.  The SDF has captured many weapons and vehicles from ISIS since the operation began.  They found vast amounts of ammunition for many weapons systems, 5 armored vehicles and houses full of rockets.

ISIS is smart in their retreat back inside of the dam complex because they know large caliber weapons most likely will not be used against the dam itself out of fear of it collapsing sending a wall of water all the way down the Euphrates reaching many cities in Syrian and Iraq like Baghdad.  They could also be rigging the dam with explosives to explode it themselves bringing the entire region back to the medieval ages.  Something that ISIS has promised but has yet to achieve.

With the SDF and anti ISIS coalition not wanting to flood the entire region with water from the Euphrates, this fight inside of the Tabqa dam complex, will be a tough and bloody one if its like any of the ISIS fights going on right now in urban terrain.

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