U.S. Officials Say Iran Failed a Missile Test, But This One was Different


The United States has always had an interest in keeping shipping lanes for trade and resources open throughout the world.  The strait of Hormuz is no different except most of the resources that flow through there are oil and petroleum products.  The state sponsor of terror Iran, also has an interest, but it is in destabilizing this area to increase the price on those goods to further raise their own profits in the resource wars over oil.

Why was this ballistic missile test different than all their recent tests?

Iran continues to defy the international demands of no ballistic missile tests of any kind on Tuesdays this week.  U.S. officials with knowledge of the operations being conducted in the strait have briefed Fox News that the Navy of Iran has tested a ballistic missile from one of its submarines.  Submarines that only two countries use for their military.  Which is no coincidence but we will touch more on this later in the article.

The test failed the officials said, but they still are testing them, which shows what they are working oin and trying to accomplish.  Which is almost certain to be called out on it by the international community and the Trump administration sitting in Washington.

Iran always states that the missile tests being conducted by them are for defense purposes and will never be used in offensive ways to attack another sovereign nation.  War and military tactic experts don’t agree with that because if they were for defense they would not be working on missiles that have ranges of hundreds and some with ranges of thousands of miles.  Missiles like that are almost exclusively used for offensive military operations.

It is understood that the submarine that fired the failed missile was of the Iranian Yono- class submarines.  This is also known as the “midget” submarine class.  Also noteworthy, is the only nations to use these subs are North Korea and Iran.

That is interesting to note because these two nations are also nations that defy sanctions on ballistic missile programs publicly.  The new administration seated in Washington has raised the U.S. Military posture around both of these countries, and is watching extremely close.  Both of these nations have calls for either “Death to America” from Iran or statements from the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, that as soon as they can they will be striking the United States mainland with nuclear missiles.

With this new failed test by the Iranians and the United States military watching closely, the nuclear deal is just another place President Trump wants to gain leverage in.  This new test might give him the leverage he needs by threatening to act against its missile programs further.  The world has witnessed that the United States is back and willing to act.  Iran for sure has noticed this too.

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