Video: S. Korea and U.S. Forces in Intense Live Fire Training

In this video we see the South Korean terrain that has been selected as the best suited to match the terrain of that in North Korea.  Yes, these troops are training with the nuclear strike threatening North Korean regime just to their north for that specific reason.

This just shows the intense and realistic training the U.S. soldiers and their allies are always reviving to stay in tip top shape and maintain their skills.

You will see in the beginning small unit tactics and how they use base of fires to suppress an enemy “machine gun” location while squads move to the flanks and assault the enemy position.  The squad leader has experience because the entire time he was looking for his men and making sure they are understanding and defeating what is in front of them, while leading them to their correct phases at the correct times.

That phase of the training was for offensive and small unit tactics on taking over an enemy position with team tactics.

The second phase when Javelin missile systems were starting to be used is for after the simulated attack on North Korean soil.  The training exercise shifted to the where enemy is now counter attacking and that is when the troops that just took enemy positions have been preparing for that counter attack by scanning the areas and reinforcing their simulated battle positions.

Yudh Abhyas 09

U.S. Soldiers being trained to fire the Javelin missile system. Photo Credit: U.S. Army

  • A FGM-148 Javelin is basically a new version of the TOW anti tank system.  It is a man portable fire and forget weapon that can knock out many ground targets.  As soon as the operator has fired the missile, the operator can now leave the area and take cover because the missile will hit the target that was selected.  Unlike older wire guided systems where the operator has to wait until the missile impacts the target until he can take cover and release controls of the system.

In this simulated attack on enemy terrain the soldiers being trained fought off the simulated counter attack with suppressive fire, javelin missiles and other heavy weapon systems.

Shortly after the infantry took enemy ground, around vehicles would come to support the boots on ground at the location.  In the video you will see the power of U.S. and South Korean (U.S. made) armored vehicles like the M1- Abrams and the Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.  They practice driving to their firing points that are visible to the simulated enemy, firing on the target, then backing away from their firing points to prevent the simulated enemy from hitting the armored vehicles with a missile of their own.

With all this talk about nuclear fall out and the North Korean regime having stockpiles of chemical weapons, we did notice that all the soldiers seen in the video were wearing their issued protective gas masks.  That is important to notice because it shows what they are training for.

As North Korea ratchets up their rhetoric, the U.S. and allies are preparing for the worst scenario imaginable.  This video shows what the brave soldiers go through while out in “the field” or while being stationed so far from home.  Dawning their personal weapons, armored vests and gas masks, we all know what the simulated targets of these troops were.  The regime of Kim Jong-un just a few miles to their north.

Video Credit:  YouTube and YouTube Channel WarClashes

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