Crematorium for Those Who Will Not Submit in Syria

Photo Credit: Pixabay

From chemical weapons to mass graves and execution sights, there is not much room for more inhumanity coming from Syria than this new charge by the United States State Department: stating that the Sednaya prison complex that lays just north of the capitol Damascus, is not just a prison, but it houses a fabricated “crematorium” of sorts to eliminate evidence.

In the map below you can scroll around but the center square shaped building is the suspected crematorium.  This also gives you a view of the landscape in Syria and what the war has done to the cities there.

That evidence ConflictDaily is referring too is the massive amounts of prisoners and deaths in that prison through the civil war that has destroyed Syria for years now.  The U.S. State Dept. says they are not positive but their evidence shows that it is most likely a crematorium that has killed around 50 people a day for years.

The U.S. State Dept. has been trying to gather evidence of the numerous different war crimes the Assad regime in Syria has committed on its own people like the chemical weapons attacks that have been rampant in that country.  As the United States and her allies is trying to gather as much evidence as they can in the vicious war zones of Syria, the Assad regime is trying to do everything they can to cover up evidence.

The Trump administration has said that they believe this Sednaya prison complex has a crematorium that has been used to destroy evidence of mass inmate killings.  The Assad regime has been accused in the past of killing inmates at prisons and then burying them in mass grave sites.  But that leaves evidence, so it seems the Syrian government is trying harder to cover up crimes they have been committing.

“The attempt to cover up mass murders in the Assad crematorium is reminiscent of the 20th century’s worst offenses against humanity,” said the U.S. UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley.  Meaning, anyone looking at this can look right at WWII and draw a comparison.  Syria and its murderous regime are not believed to be killing on the scale that Hitler did, but the international coalition is still gathering evidence.

There have been new evidence that came to light recently and that the cause for this new war crimes push at Syria once again.  Many photos are circulating the web that show the building in the map above, but the live up to date satellites the military are using obviously show more than what the civilian satellites will show.

The Trump administration is saying they see new evidence showing the snow covered roofs are melted, suggesting heat coming from below, they have seen air intakes and air exhaust vents as well.  All vindictive of a crematorium.

Russia, one of Syria’s main backers in the international community, military support and logistical hardware has denied that his Assad ally in Syria has a crematorium where he is killing people who wont follow his rule.  Syria, too dismisses this claim by the U.S. State Department as totally false.

The Trump administration initially did not throw any negative rhetoric or negativity at the Syrian government until it started watching the middle east and whats going on there closer.  Now that there has been direct U.S. military actions against the government of Syria, Assad knows his days are numbered and is frantically destroying evidence at the cost of around 50 inmates killed a day that were fighting for their right to simply vote.

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