Iran and the U.S are Fighting for the Same Ground in Syria

It has been a week since the United States struck the enemy convoy that was approaching their base inside southeastern Syria.  But now that we have had time to asses the situation creating this follow up post to that story.

May 18th was the date for the U.S. F-16 led airstrike on the Iranian sent convoy.  The Iranians have long supported Hezbollah and have also supported their ally in Syria using Hezbollah as their main source of manpower to fight the bloody ground war.  It has came to light that the Iranians have noticed the U.S. led anti ISIS coalition training Syrians to fight ISIS near the Iraqi Jordan and Syrian border crossing near al Tanf.

  • The Map below raises your situational awareness of the location

The Pentagon announced Tuesday this week the Iranian convoys returned to the area a few days later but the U.S. sent more warplanes to conduct a show of force.  No airstrikes were reported.  Meaning the Iranian militias understood the U.S. will target them if they threaten their forces and left the scene when another show of force was conducted.

Military officials have even said the the hotline between Russia and the U.S. was used by both parties during last weeks incident but the Iranian militias did not listen to the warning coming from Russian officials and carried on their way towards the American led base.  Multiple wheeled vehicles, machine gun trucks and it has been said up to 4 tanks destroyed by the U.S. that day.

How are the U.S. and Iran vowing for the same ground?  Washington after the election immediately started looking for ways to prevent Iran from gaining anything else in the Syrian civil war.  The U.S. military has been looking at new ways to avoid a direct clash with Iran but at the same time contain them as best as they can.  The American and British commandos are furiously training fighters to take the vast desert away from ISIS from the 3 way border crossing driving and fighting north all the way to the Euphrates.  With the SDF doing the same thing except they would be heading to the south stopping at the north side of the Euphrates.

If this is accomplished by the American led coalition.  It will effectively cut off Iran from resupplying forces inside Syria from the ground.

Iran has serious issues with this plan because that is the way they send everything through to their terrorist proxies and mainly Hezbollah.  Thus, Iran has ordered up to 3,000 of its Hezbollah terrorist fighters to move into the southeastern front of Syria to assist the Syrian government fight ISIS through Palmyra and then reach Deir ez-Zur.  Which if that happens before the U.S. led militias can, that will ensure Iran will keep its logistical train stretched halfway through the middle east for the foreseeable future.

Washington isn’t just supporting and training in the south east of Syria, they are also doing the same with huge results in the northeast with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).  America, the UK, France, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and many more have poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the Syrian civil war supplying and training forces that will align with their interests (Fight ISIS).

It seems unlikely that those countries who are all opposed to Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad, Hezbollah and Iran, will simply let Iran keep its supply route open on the ground.  The anti ISIS coalition is not going to allow any infringements from here on out to territory it holds with friendly forces, proven by last weeks air raid, or to allow Iran a safe corridor from Tehran in Iran through Baghdad Iraq and onto Damascus Syria.

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