Russian Forces Bomb ISIS Fighters Fleeing Raqqa From SDF Advances

The Russian military put out a statement this Thursday bragging about their destruction of ISIS once again.  The Russian’s have a lot of air power stationed in Syria and backs the government of Syria ran by Assad.  Recently in the five main cities and their surrounding suburbs, the Russians, Syrian forces (SAA) and Iranian militias signed deals that essentially are ceasefire deals throughout the countries eastern cities with the various terror groups.

These deals gave the SAA and allied militias the manpower freedoms to advance on ISIS and U.S. backed rebels in the countries vast eastern desert areas around Palmyra and Deir ez-Zur.  The SAA and Iranian militias are also keen to stop the U.S. backed rebels from securing the Syria Iraq border.

  • The map below is the Russian air base where these sorties originate
  • You are able to see there is a lot of new construction on the north western portion of the air field.

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With the SAA pressing new offensives through the Syrian eastern deserts, the Russian air force is a lot busier in its airstrikes against ISIS.  ISIS is taking a beating by the U.S. supported SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces, US backed) forces on the northern side of the Euphrates river near their capitol Raqqa, and because of this, ISIS fighters have been fleeing to the south of Raqqa heading in the direction of Palmyra and Deir ez-Zur.

The Russian ministry of defense said that they had carried out airstrikes on three large ISIS convoys that were leaving Raqqa in the direction of Palmyra.  “Islamic States’ losses included more than 80 terrorists, 36 vehicles, eight fuel tankers, and 17 pickup trucks mounted with mortars and machine guns,” the ministry added to their battle damage assessments.

Russian forces also used cruise missiles to target ISIS targets inside of Syria.  The Russians have control and deconfliction channels over Syrian airspace with the American anti ISIS coalition, therefore these cruise missile strikes are not of any tactical importance but more of a show of force and a test for their missiles.  The Russians want to show the world they can keep pace with the world class military of the United States.

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