U.S. Military Testing Human and Robot Combat Squads

A 4 Legged Squad Support Robot Walking. By Tactical Technology Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, U.S. Department of Defense

Why send in thousands of troops to get bogged down in the sand, get shot at and lose their lives when robots could do it better?  That is exactly the question the Pentagon is asking its military these days.  The pentagon wants to incorporate robot squad members to regular combat squads.

And that testing has officially began.

Some of these robots are more like autonomous tracked vehicles while some have legs that walk.  But all will serve very important purposes.  In the video we will all witness what it would be like to be an enemy holding a beach line when a full land invasion lands to take the beach without a heart beat to stop.


Talon Robot tests whether it can pull a soldier to safety. Photo Credit: US Army

The pentagon still doesn’t trust the technology to its fullest extent just yet because who would want a robot next to you making its own “decisions” about who it should kill or who it shouldn’t.  That is still too far away to determine how the military will work those kinks out.  As of now these robots are used in support features like checking out a roadside bomb or a suspicious package.  But why stop there the Pentagon keeps pressing?

Robots are usually used when it is simply too dangerous for a living person to do the job.  Bomb disposal is a perfect example of this.  Beach landings and invasions are also a perfect example of a job that could cost the lives of many soldiers.

Therefore the U.S. military has staged a mock invasion using unmanned vehicles that have weapons mounted to invade the “enemy” beach and hold that ground for human land forces to be able to land and start pressing with the specific mission.  Shortly after the human soldiers arrive the robots would form up into support roles.

These support roles could be anything needed by the soldiers on the ground.  These robots could be used as cover from enemy fire, used to carry injured, carry supplies, carry radios, able to carry much more equipment and ammo.  The sky is the limit with these soulless warriors.

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