png (4) is your one stop place where you can skip searching and find news about wars, battles, conflicts, terrorism and more in our world today.  Updated multiple times throughout the day to ensure that you have the most up to date news in front of you.  We are simply organizing the breaking, trending and live stories of conflict, wars and battles currently happening worldwide.

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All of our news, stories and commentaries come from research, following social media, news articles, videos, pictures and audio broadcasts.  This searching and bouncing all over the internet to find these stories, posts and videos is what we strive to have our readers avoid.

Conflict Daily discovers videos, images and stories all across the web and brings them to you in one organized location.  The background of the editors gives them a broad range of knowledge, analytical and commentary skills in regards to commentating on a conflict, battle or war.

The type and subject of all our news is related to any type of conflict, war, terrorism, attacks, battles and cyber warfare in any region of our planet.  We like to bring news and stories about up to date wars, terrorism and smaller engagements that occur in our daily lives.  Let us not forget though, we do from time to time bring to you awesome stories from anytime in history that we think our viewers would enjoy.

Setup of the website is very organized.  On the main or home page of Conflict Daily you will have the top conflict stories happening currently or very recently.  The tab at the top of the homepage saying Conflicts will list all of the conflicts and countries that we cover.  These will of course be related to whats happening in those countries.

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