About the Technology

Conflicts and differences in the vast amounts of countries in our world have caused the technology related fields to do everything in their power to keep their armies and soldiers safe. cannot overlook this vital aspect of conflicts in our world.  Every army in every country is always seeking to discover game changing technology. on a regular basis will give you its expert opinion in these new gadgets coming from every part of our globe.

From new clothing to self aware robots, we will cover anything that can be used in the combat and military field.  Conflict Daily even looks into and discovers technology that may not, at this present time, be used for the military.  These concept technologies, let us not forget, is how we as human beings, advanced our knowledge and power with the military and of course civilian fields.

People started with the simple campfire to creating fireworks, all the way to where we are now.  Blasting missiles from earth that reach into space and then come back down destroying their target within inches of bullseye from the other side of the globe.  That took some extreme research, testing and practice.  Just ask yourself, what new technology is coming next?

We must not disregard, with these new technologies always comes a new way in implementing them.  This is called tactics in the military world.  These concept tactics are extremely interesting and often scary.  Some of course are not even known.

Multiple new war fighting concepts are coming to light often.  The pentagon even has an entire department dedicated to concept technologies that could assist the military and our allies’s militaries.

With our world becoming more and more reliant on technology, the militaries and armies to, will have to keep pace with their adversaries.  Robots, unmanned vehicles, stealth technology, concept tactics, cyber warfare, and everything in between will be discussed on

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