American War in Afghanistan

By Philip Harris Feb. 22, 2017    (Edited and Re posted Feb. 23, 2017)
Known officially as The American War in Afghanistan, which is a part of the United States commitment to stop the spread of terrorism across the globe.  In September 2001 the United States of America was attacked by Al Qaeda linked terrorist.  Following the attacks on the American homeland on 911, the United States identified the actors who attacked and briefed the world of its intentions.  The intent of the American invasion of Afghanistan was to stop the spread of terrorism and to deny and dismantle safe havens for Al Qaeda anywhere while removing the Taliban from power.

First to help the Americans with this task was their number one ally, Britain.  Later, in 2003 NATO including 43 countries joined to assist its two other allies in Afghanistan.  The Taliban in 2003, completed reorganizing after the quick defeat by the invading British Military and American forces.  After the Taliban regrouped they began an insurgency campaign inside Afghanistan targeting U.S. And coalition troops.  They used guerrilla tactics, improvised explosive devices (IED) and ambushes to do as much as possible to wear down the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) forces.

Noticing the new push for insurgent attacks on ISAF, NATO and U.S. forces, they too followed in suit in 2006 to increase their troop levels to be able to clear and hold Afghan territory for good.  While holding that new ground the campaign for the American coalition was, to gain the trust, and to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan civilian population.

This insurgency campaign Al Qaeda and the Taliban are conducting is ongoing as you read this article.  Not just in Afghanistan either, but all over the world.  They received a huge blow on May 2nd 2011 when the leader of Al Qaeda Osama bin Laden was killed by a Navy SEAL team 6 raid in Abbotabad, Pakistan.

The Killing of bin Laden by the SEALs symbolized the defeat of Al Qaeda.  This caused a internal leadership power vacuum and some infighting within the terror organization occurred to determine who the new leader of Al Qaeda would be.

Shortly after the defeat of Al Qaeda, NATO and the United States began figuring out how they were going to get out of the war in Afghanistan.  In December 2014 the United States announced that major combat operations have ended.  On December 28th NATO announced it formally ended its combat operations in Afghanistan as well.

Although all the major battles and ground has been taken back by the internationally recognized Afghan government that the United States help gain power.  There is still terrorism originating and occurring from and in Afghanistan every day.  The U.S. still has a small contingent of about 9,000 soldiers on the ground, those soldiers are in and advise and train function now.  For the most part, the Afghan National Army (ANA) will have to secure and hold its own land from here on out, only with the U.S. soldiers being there to assist.

At any moment there is another conflict story or article coming from Afghanistan.  This conflict has come nowhere near to an end.  The United States’s view on winning a war and helping the planet get rid of terrorism is in its own interest and in the interest of the international community.  All while, the United States is rebuilding schools,the Afghan army, Afghan police, hospitals and vital infrastructure in Afghanistan, so that the very nation that attacked it, is rebuilt.

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