DMCA Policy

At, we take copyright issues extremely seriously and will always take any issue brought to us the same way. is simply an organizational and commentary website for combat related stories, videos and images. gathers and organizes the conflict stories happening in our world currently and brings them to you in one place.

The videos are found on third party websites like or  These videos are hosted through the third party host. does not own any of the videos and only organizes the video stories through embedding the video links.  All credit from the videos goes to its hosting website (Youtube, LiveLeak) and its producer/uploader.

Images on all come from Archives in the Library of Congress, Public Domain Image resources like Wikipedia Commons and from the U.S. Federal Government Military Images .  With the images being taken by Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Officers of the U.S. military, the images are a part of the public domain.

DMCA related issues are encouraged to be brought up to our team at  You can email us here.

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