Iran Destabilizing and Conflicts

By Philip Harris Feb. 23, 2017
Iran is a country that has very, very few friends.  For good reason too, because Iran has muddled and messed with foreign governments assets and interests since the late 1970’s.  Iran, according to the U.S. state department and White House, is the worlds largest state sponsor of terrorism.  it gained that title because of the support it gives to its main proxy, Hezbollah.

When the U.S. intervened in Iraq in 2003, Iran supported proxy militias that set up IEDs, ambushes and fired all sorts of weaponry at the Americans and allies killing close to 1,000 us troops alone.  This hate and anger towards western ideas is the only thing keeping the economic nightmare of Iran alive.  If the leaders or Ayatollahs of Iran ended their hate speeches of democratic countries like the U.S. and Israel, then its population could hear real truth and possibly be productive in our world.

All of the problems and different terror militias Iran supports through the middle east caused the entire intentional community to get behind the United States to sanction the economy, military and trade embargo of Iran into nearly non existence.  Those sanctions hurt the country so bad that it was on the verge of collapse.  Being on the verge of collapse the country was in a weak position internationally.  The Obama administration in D.C. extended an olive branch to the Iranians in the form the Nuclear Deal, sanctions removal and relief while releasing around 140 billion dollars of frozen Iranian assets.  Contrary to the standard belief, that nuclear agreement between the the international community and Iran was genius.  The nuclear deal itself may have many flaws and shortcoming in regard to the implementation of the nuclear agreement but was a key tool to the world to show what Iran really thinks and about what its true intentions are.

Two very notable groups Iran is currently supporting against the wills and interests of the international community are Hezbollah based in Lebanon and the Houthi rebels based in Yemen.  Iran uses these terrorist forces to project its influence without the acceptance of the state governments except that of Syria who is ran by Assad, another dictator caught up in the Arab Spring of 2011 who actually uses Hezbollah as its main troop source.

Cyberspace is also not off the table for Iran to use to hurt competing countries.  Iran is know to launch large scale cyber attacks at foreign governments and foreign companies designed to destroy computers and data, causing huge impacts and huge repair bills to the attacked country.

Since the nuclear deal Iran has made a few mistakes.  For one, they have fired and tested ballistic missiles in defiance of the United Nations security counsel resolutions against such acts.  Which in doing that, they are only inviting fresh U.S. and global sanctions from the Trump administration and the international community.  Secondly, they have yet to realize that the Obama administration is gone and the Trump administration is now calling the shots in Washington.  With these new factors coming into play, Iran has now been and will continue to “be on notice”former NSA chief Flynn said, by the new American President.

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