North Korea Conflicts

By Philip Harris Feb. 23, 2017
The Soviet Union back in the 1940’s had a huge interest in supporting, training and assisting the set up of the first Kim II Sung as its new leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.  It was anything but democratic and the southern part of Korea had different ideas about democracy then the north did.  The south declared its independence from the north in 1950, causing the north to invade the south.

Korean war has begun and the country had been devastated during the conflict.  The north and south remained extremely divided on how they see Korea turning out.  The war ended with and Armistice agreement that was signed on July 27th 1953.  This was not an official peace agreement to the war, which means North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war since 1950.

In 1953 a news border was drawn in between the North and South with a large demilitarized zone to keep things calm as best as possible.  Both countries still to this day trade regular verbal attacks at one another and are threatening to invade and defeat the other country almost on a weekly basis.

For the most part, a lot of this provocation is coming from North Korea and their young dictator leader Kim Jong-un, who is obsessed with ballistic missiles, submarines and nuclear weapons.  The United Nations Security Counsel gets called to a meeting on a regular basis because another missile launch or nuke test has occurred.

The hidden North Korea from international eyes adds uncertainty to what the Norths’ real intentions are.  Their stated intentions are to be able to strike the United States homeland with a nuclear tipped missile.  They haven’t mastered the technology to accomplish this yet.  With Kim Jong-un being so motivated an announcing all the time that his enemies will be attacked is something the whole world is worried about.  While showing true motivation in his regime to complete that technology gap.

Trust is key in this conflict because there is zero of it.  South Korea, which still has thousands of U.S. troops in country, hosts military drills regularly.  Those military drills have been reported to be training their army to be able to remove all the leadership of North Korea with speed and efficiency so that the victim population of the North can stay out of the conflict as much as possible.  The United States will be moving its highest altitude anti ballistic missile defense system into South Korea to act as a deterrent and to be able to defend the South and its troops the best it can in case a conflict does break out.

This area of the world is nothing like the Middle East but has the potential to become the second Middle East when it comes to conflict.  It is only a matter of time before a breakthrough in nuclear or missile technology happens in the North that will almost certainly lead to another war.

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